4 Ways to Bring Out the True Beauty of Your Art Deco Home

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It’s the iconic style that trailblazed its way out of being labelled as just architecture, Art Deco was an era, a movement and represented the modernity and evolution of society through a treacherous period. Following the devastation of the First World War, the Art Deco form started to significantly emerge in the 1920s through architecture, art and even fashion. It always had great distinction, be it in geometric designs, vibrant colour tones, dynamic glass use and that trademark curvature. Although urbanity and development have continually reduced the total number of the design, the timeless style is still ever present in society today.  

By understanding the background and significance of the Art Deco style, it almost feels obligatory that if you have a home in the style, you be sympathetic to its true character. It can be a difficult task to uncover the character while maintaining your modern necessities though. We’ve compiled a list of top tips to help you unleash that captivating charm. 

Paint is Powerful


It’s a simple yet supremely effective method of enlivening your home. Painting can help to modernise a period home while simultaneously accentuating the originality. White interiors can be met with bolder highlights in the architraves, picture rails and cornices to find that desired balance. For the bolder folk, rich inspired Deco colours such as yellow, ivory and orange can be used wholeheartedly, or even in window furnishings and feature walls, however the tradition for most of the timber detail is to richly stain the classic skirting boards, picture rails, plate ledges and floorboards. 

Make the Fire a Feature


Often overlooked, replaced with a heater or even completely removed, the fireplace is one of the truest features of authenticity within Art Deco homes. The functionality of the fireplace is commonly forgotten, yet its heat can change the attraction of a room. Even if unused, the fireplace makes a divine statement, which can also be utilized as modern heating or innovative storage, such as wine racks or a library. 

Accentuate the Angles


Many agree that the true distinction within Art Deco architecture is those geometric angles. They’re the star of the show, so form your design around this idea. Shape your interiors to work with the angles and shapes, highlight their dynamisms in the room using a colour palette that accentuate the angles at play. 

Be Inspired to Create


Don’t feel confined by the originality, use it as inspiration! The majority of Art Deco homes in their original form will be 2 bedroom, so they’re not going to cater for most modern families. Branch out, extend and explore the architectural possibilities of enhancing your Art Deco home with contemporary design using those vintage sympathetic notes. There are scores of Art Deco textiles and antiques you can utilize in your new designs, as well as the curves and angles that make the style so significant. 

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