About Maria Hernandez

Maria Hernandez

Virtual Administration Assistant

Maria worked for a variety of companies in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, offshore, before joining the Real Copy Right team as our Virtual Administration Assistant. Previously, she was put into the position to help her employers scale their companies into profitable ventures. Thus, Maria has created an extensive skillset, from appointment bookings and calendar organisation, administrative tasks and email marketing, to social media creation and scheduling, and travel itineraries, helping the directors and management teams.

As part of the Real Copy Right team, Maria is your first port of call for sales and rentals copywriting bookings, social media, our website and airbnb offerings. She is dedicated to offering excellence in customer service, and prides herself on her efficiency. She enjoys building relationships with our clients and endeavours to help make an urgent property fit within our copywriters’ schedules to ensure unrivalled customer satisfaction.

Maria is more than an administration assistant, she has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management in the prestigious University of the Philippines which she puts into use every working day. She also had few certifications on Digital Marketing, Meta and SEO.

She lives in the Philippines with her two adult daughters who are more like friends to her than daughters. She is also a fur parent of 2. She enjoys travelling, finding new places to explore, spending time with her daughters and fur babies. During the weekends, what excites her most is going to the market for random ingredients and experiment on new dishes and currently has 5/5 rating from her daughters, thus making her their Michelin Chef on the house. She runs her own Airbnb property catering to tourists vising the Philippines. Maria is a delight to have as part of the Real Copy Right team.

Contact Maria through WhatsApp on 0406948820 or orders@realcopyright.com.au