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When you’re born and bred into housing, the passion for learning what’s new, what works, what’s best and what’s innovative is always there. Our experience and product knowledge is real estate advertising and property is leading the way in real estate copywriting.


Real Copy Right began as PTP Ink in 1998. It started with Sue Colquhoun, now Sue Langeder, working at Marshall White & Company in Armadale as their Advertising Manager. As Sue’s skills in real estate advertising co-ordination were apparent, she was asked to be Marshall White’s in-house Copywriter. By the end of 2000, the demand for her copy was so high, she decided it was time to go out on her own as a freelancer copywriter and start her family.

In 2016, Sue changed PTP Ink from a sole trading business to a company and named it Real Copy Right. She had the vision to turn Real Copy Right into a comprehensive copywriting service that encompassed all of Melbourne, where she had worked in patches over the years, but was heavily concentrated on the 5-30km radius of the south-east suburbs.

Over the years, Sue had accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the real estate industry, keeping her eyes and ears open to developments in construction, council regulations, trends and the quality of products found within properties. At the start of 2020, Sue launched her podcast Real Estate Right to add an extra dimension of education and share her real estate knowledge, with the backing of accredited experts, with the general public.

The opportunity to create the copywriting agency came to the fore during COVID-19 in 2020. Sue’s clients wanted to make their on-line presence stronger with more detail than before due to buyers not being able to visit properties in person and real estate agents wanting properties to be more prominent for buyers and tenants to take more notice, so Real Copy Right took the first steps to grow into Sue’s vision.

Real copy right

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