4 Ways to Bring Out the True Beauty of Your Art Deco Home

This article is a collaboration between us here at Real Copy Right, and RedFin. This blog is our part of the full article. Stay tuned to hear more about their part of the article. It’s the iconic style that trailblazed its way out of being labelled as just architecture, Art Deco was an era, a […]

Melbourne’s Most Magnificent Streetscapes – Edition #9

Canterbury 3126 – Mont Albert Road   Undeniably iconic as a streetscape of Melbourne, recognized for its monolith structures and massive allotments, Mont Albert Road has a wide selection of majestic examples of period architecture. Full of European influence with its English-style homes of the previous century and French Provincial palaces of modern times, this […]

A History and Local Discovery of Prairie School Architecture

A Rise from The Ashes Following Chicago’s widespread devastation caused by The Great Fire of 1871 and significant population growth, several progressive architects known as the ‘Chicago School’ set about advancing building heights and architectural capabilities by designing the first ‘skyscrapers’ in the city. As time went on, these pioneering architects began to reject the […]

Melbourne’s Most Magnificent Streetscapes – Edition #8

Fitzroy North 3068 – Alfred Crescent   Curving around the captivating and iconic Edinburgh Gardens, each home on Alfred Crescent is treated to park views, with many complemented by city sights too. Fitzroy North was always considered a suburb of the working class, yet its fortunes rose in the late 20thcentury and in the 21st century […]