The Elephant in the Room – ChatGPT

It’s the elephant in the copywriting room. The game-changer that’s going to take our jobs. The emergence of AI platforms such as ChatGPT has felt like a sudden change to the industry that has seemed to grasp everyone rather quickly. Its abilities are clear to see, although its challenges seem to be growing as the […]

Award-Winning Submissions

By human nature, we all like to be recognised by our peers or the public that we are notable in our field, yet few of us get to stand above it all with industry recognition in the form of an award. Some will look at awards as a waste of time or that they are […]

Six Reasons to Abolish Abbreviations in Real Estate Advertising

To Abbreviate or Not Abbreviate, That is the Question.  ‘The Age’ advertisements 1989 When real estate ads were all on print media – The Age, The Leader Paper, The Melbourne Weekly, for generations, there was a special code of abbreviations that we grew to understand. Most agents would budget 20 lines for the copy for […]

8 Great Reasons to Employ a Professional Copywriter for Your Rental Properties

The property management side of any real estate company is their bread and butter. It’s the regular income that helps them pay for the office, the administration staff, the utilities, and other aspects of running the business. Whereas the sales side of a real estate business is the glamourous side of the business. It’s where […]

The Top 7 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Copywriter

You’re putting your property on the market. Your agent tells you that a photographer, a floorplan artist and a copywriter is coming to your property to get the marketing ready. You’re probably wondering ‘What’s a copywriter?’ ‘Why doesn’t the agent write the ads?’ When you meet us, you still feel a little ambivalent, ‘What makes […]

Functionality and Flow Rather Than Fleeting Trends

When we dream about building, renovating or buying a home, we are undoubtedly influenced by the styles and trends we see on television programmes, in magazines and in the homes around us. But how much thought do we really give to satisfying our personal taste, to the practicality of the home and to the longevity […]