The Top 7 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Copywriter

You’re putting your property on the market. Your agent tells you that a photographer, a floorplan artist and a copywriter is coming to your property to get the marketing ready. You’re probably wondering ‘What’s a copywriter?’ ‘Why doesn’t the agent write the ads?’ When you meet us, you still feel a little ambivalent, ‘What makes these real estate copywriters so special?’ ‘What do they bring that the average agent couldn’t do themselves?’ It turns out that real estate copywriting is one of the hardest forms of writing required for everyday needs. We need to get a lot of information into a small very dedicated space, to ensure consistency in a real estate agent’s corporate format. So it’s a bit more than cutting and pasting old properties into new properties, and most agents don’t know how to confront the blank page to get writing. Here are some of the key qualities that create a high calibre real estate copywriter.

1. Great language skills.

The benefit of any writing professional starts with language skills. From spelling and grammar consistency to more elaborate phrases and enlightenments, the language used by a strong real estate copywriter is in their seamless and impressive manner to extract the right meaning to describe your property, and then make it concise. When it comes to marketing property, there are certain words and terms that seem to sell. The role of the copywriter is to use these where applicable, yet always be realistic and not oversell by being flowery and overstating the quality of the property. Our copywriters understand the difference in each market, so a quality copywriter should be able to identify the target market and accommodate for those buyers in their wording.

2. Knowledge and Understanding

The deep understanding of a strong real estate copywriter is often what sets them apart from the pack. The ability to understand and identify architectural styles, building and planning regulations, current trends and location culture are all important in creating a distinct product. That know the difference between a Victorian home and a Federation home, they work out the potential for development through planning research and they understand the lifestyle culture that is unique to each location.

3. Personable Qualities

Each and every property has a history. Some short, some long, but there’s often more than what appears on the surface. The ability to discuss with vendors, agents and tenants the function of the property will help a copywriter to highlight the strengths of the property within the writing. We find vendors, agents and tenants like to open up to us, giving us information we can’t get off the internet, ensuring we can deliver copy with key highlights that could make a difference to how right buyers interpret the property, ensuring we capture their attention the first time, every time.

4. Being Punctual

Melbourne’s property market moves fast, and at Real Copy Right, we understand how fast. We pride ourselves on being punctual to our appointments with you because your time is as valuable as our time. Our punctuality also ensures that your property will be written in time to get your board organised, your website listing online attracting buyers, and your brochures printed.  If we can see we might be stuck in traffic causing us to be late, we will always call you well ahead of time to let you know our estimated time of arrival.

5. Understanding Deadlines and Can Work Quickly to the Deadline

Quality real estate copywriters need to present a high quality product, that is created quickly. Knowledge and understanding should assist a good writer in identifying the aspects of a property quickly and be able to turn that into compelling writing. Any good real estate copywriter will have their work into the client within 24 hours. At Real Copy Right, all work is cross checked and submitted to the client by 9 AM the day after the property is visited, sometimes the same day if we can. We value the urgency in real estate, and address your deadlines every time.

6. Can Take Constructive Criticism from Owners and Agents Well

Like in every sector, constructive criticism is issued from one party to another and presents an opportunity to learn and improve. Copywriters will experience constructive criticism from owners and agents over time and will need to be able to take that on board positively. At Real Copy Right, we understand that this is your property, your home or your investment, and while all due care has been taken to reflect all the information you have given us, worked to identify the best buyer and your property’s best attributes, on the rare occasion, you would prefer if the information was in a slightly different order or you envisaged we would highlight something else over what we have highlighted. If so, we are happy to make changes to your copy, and will do so to bring out the best of your property. We don’t take it personally… it’s your property, you have to be happy with how it’s represented.

7. Longevity and Experience in Melbourne Real Estate

In real estate, experience counts. The same goes for real estate copywriting. Experience is built by seeing ‘in person’ thousands of properties, seeing what has changed over time, understanding what sells and what doesn’t, keeping up with what trends are occurring, and finding the right balance in the writing. At Real Copy Right, we are backed by over two decades of real estate advertising experience, from the media side, the agents’ side, the vendor, buyers, tenant and investor sides, and as copywriters. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand what is going on in a market, and adjusting our copy to benefit our clients. It’s all in the experience.

Real estate copywriting has grown into a powerful marketing tool for the sale of property in Melbourne. Ensuring you have the right copywriter in your marketing team to write your properties will make your life easier as an agent, and make you look amazing to your clients.


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